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Cory / EMT

My name is Cory and I’ve used Sierra’s topicals of lip balm, lotions, oils and her wonderful magic stick. I work as an EMT and my job can be physically demanding at times. The magic stick was a great natural treatment for minor aches and pains. Sierra’s products are always the best quality. I’ve used her products for years. The oils and lotions have been great gifts to friends and loved ones over the years as well. Her supporting husband and beautiful kids are another reason I love to support this company.  I would recommend her products to any of my family and friends. On that note, I need to order more!

Jane / Gardener

While there’s volumes I could illustrate, I’m going to try to bullet point for you. 

“For nearly two years I’ve been privileged to experience quite simply put, feeling better, an overall wash of wellness.” 

From protective balms aiding in stress, muscle issues, idiopathic pain, adverse skin conditions, Sierra Juana frankly is your resource for life improvement.

The very latest products are proving to be everything and more in careful selection of only the finest properties of CBD, organically derived herbal components and proprietary methods of production. The Ninja Rub performance speaks volumes for the entire line up of products. “I believe in Sierra Juana.”

Ariel, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athlete

So I’ve always been skeptical about creams and oils and really questioned if they even really worked. I competed in the IBJJF Orlando Open back in April and the match right before my final I pulled my shoulder muscle so bad it was shaking and was pretty sure I either dislocated shoulder or pinched a nerve it was so bad I went to have an X-ray done right away. Thankfully their was nothing broken but the doctor said I must have tore a tenant or pulled the shoulder muscle that connects to my neck. So I had happened to buy the ninja rub at a booth in Orlando at the tournament when I was in bad pain. When I put it on it was instantly calming and the smell alone was awesome. Now I’m really really not bsing you this product seriously helped me so much I swear by it. I only used it for four days and was able to train again. I know that it sped my recovery time up tremendously and helped me a great deal with relief of pain. Thank you ninja rub for not only changing my opinion on cbd creams as a whole but thank you for helping me heal for the next battle. I’d recommend the product to any friend or family any day, it works and I’m happy I was able to get my hands on some.


My partner has struggled with eczema his entire life, he has reoccurring flare-ups and has seen multiple dermatologists, to no avail. He had been using hydrocortisone cream as a stop gap to help with the itching, but it never treated the actual eczema. We had almost given up until, on a whim, I pulled out a tub of Sierra’s Magic Rub that I have been using for years to treat my reoccurring arch pain. Within 24 hours, the patches had calmed down, and another 24 hours later, they were gone altogether. Like magic! I have been using Sierra’s products for years, I know she pours her heart and soul into every single batch she makes. I have seen and experienced the results firsthand, and cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Hello, I wanted to tell of my experience using salve from Sierra Juana. Late summer of 2018 my dog scratched my arm, there were three scratches about 2 inches long and fairly deep, my neighbor (Sierra) saw it and gave me a container of the salve, I started using it and in about a week the scratches were almost completely gone. I don’t usually heal that quickly and I was amazed at how fast it healed! Since then, I take this stuff every where I go, it works very well on any cuts or scrapes. I highly recommend it!

Alan / Mechanic