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An original creator of Sugar Leaf Topicals in 2011, Sierra Juana has since evolved into a whole body care company specializing in the synergy between cannabis/hemp and ancient herbs. Each product is thoughtfully crafted using time-tested techniques and proprietary blends. Every facet of SJ is intentional from healing aromas to airless packaging.

Sierra Juana is a wellness (and cannabis, et. al.) advocate. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, accented with the use of herbs and cannabis, preventative wellness can be achieved encouraging a highly-fulfilled and happy life.


ARNICA: helps heal wounds, contusions, joint pain + swelling.

CALENDULA: good for pulled muscles, bruises, sprains + menstrual discomfort.

CHAMOMILE: aromatic and gentle, excellent for reducing pain + neuralgia.

LAVENDER: calming and mildly sedative, ideal for migraines + headaches.

LEMON BALM: promotes healing of fever blisters.

PEPPERMINT: calms and soothes the skin, natural antibacterial, increases blood circulation + reduces pain.

ROSEMARY: improves circulation, useful for sores, eczema, bruises + wounds.

CHILI: warming, reduces pain associated with arthritis and nerve pain.

WHITE WILLOW BARK: nature’s aspirin adept at relieving discomfort.

CASTOR OIL: the most deeply penetrating carrier oil relieves pain, inflammation, acne + other skin ailments.

COCONUT OIL: antimicrobial and a skin-protectant.


CLOVE: natural analgesic + immune system builder + antibacterial + promotes skin health

CORIANDER: analgesic + stimulant

EUCALYPTUS: heals acne, boils and other wounds + relieves skin infections + anti-inflammatory + anti-viral

PEPPERMINT: improves IBS symptoms + relieves headaches + pain