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Calm Ninja Drops: Full-Spectrum

Ingredient highlights

Hemp-derived cannabidiol ~ CBD grown and extracted in the US

Our tinctures are made with pure organic MCT coconut oil gently infused with herbs and boosted with CBN for added benefits.


This flower is sometimes referred to as “the star among medicinal species” and its benefits date back to 1550 BC. It is revered for its ability to ease tension, aid sleep and support digestive health.


Historically this herb was used to calm nervous conditions and insomnia. It may promote relaxation and gentle sedation.

Lemon Balm

Since the Renaissance, lemon balm has been used to treat digestive upsets, ease anxiety and relieve sleeplessness. In recent studies, it also appears to benefit many neurological conditions.


Observational studies indicate that CBN, or cannabinol, is the “sleepy time” cannabinoid. In the Calm Ninja Drops, it is combined with CBD in a 4:1 ratio.


The Calm Ninja Drops are formulated with the intention of promoting a restorative state in which your body may relax and recuperate. They are a perfect way to meet your sleep wellness goals. Each bottle contains 5000mg of broad-spectrum cannabinoids plus calming herbs for added benefits.

How to use

Put a dropperful in a hot beverage after dinner and one before bed if desired. The high CBN content helps to support a relaxed state without melatonin or other overly sedative remedies. May be used any time of day. Small doses more frequently may help avoid drowsiness however, start low and go slow when dosing.

Additional information

All Ingredients

Calm Ninja Full Spectrum Blend


Ingredients: Calm infusion (MCT coconut oil*, chamomile*, lemon balm*, cinnamon sticks*, passionflower*, mugwort*), full spectrum hemp distillate (<0.3% THC), cannabidiol (CBD isolate), cannabinol (CBN isolate), natural flavor.


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